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4 autumn works to be done before winter



4 autumn works to be done before winter

Sanomari töötaja murutraktoriga muru niitmas

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4 autumn works to be done before winter

We have compiled a small list for you for the autumn work, performing which we can help you with advice and skills.

Window cleaning
It is worth remembering that long-deposited dirt tends to stick to the surface, in the case of glass it is affected by weather and temperature fluctuations. Regular cleaning of the windows keeps both the working time resource and the associated costs under control. Our window cleaning includes the following activities:

✅cleaning of glasses, frames, windowsills
✅cleaning between window glasses.

Lawn mowing

Timely mowed lawn will help maintain its quality in the years to come. The reason is simple – MOISTURE is known to be a good environment for various diseases. If the grass stems collapse under the weight of the snow and retain moisture, there is a high probability of the development and spread of various plant diseases. Save time and money by keeping your lawn under control on time. Here it is worth knowing when, how high and by what means the lawn needs to be mowed to give it a boost in the spring. Let our professionals do the work and use the remaining time for your core business.

Leaf sweeping

Although there are different perceptions about whether or not it is worth sweeping leaves in autumn, gardeners and botanists have confirmed that fighting pests and plant diseases is a much more laborious and time-consuming job than raking leaves. In addition, a bad surprise can be expected in the spring, when the grass, buried under the leaves, is lifeless, mottled and damaged.

In addition to the aesthetic appearance and vitality of the lawn, there is another important reason for raking leaves: SAFETY. Wet leaves on a walk or driveway are equal to the ice, which can end in an accident if you are careless.

The Municipal Police Board reminds all owners of real estate and buildings that the coming autumn season entails an obligation to clean the sidewalks belonging to the owner’s area of responsibility and the associated cleaning areas. Fluctuations in temperature, rain and windy weather lead to a high concentration of fallen leaves, which makes sidewalks particularly dangerous. Unharvested leaves also clog sewer drains that regulate the drainage of rainwater, which can cause major flooding in the streets and, in the worst case, dismantle the entire sewerage system in a nearby settlement.”


When the fall work is under control, it’s time to prepare for the snow to come!

Snow removal and anti-slip

It is known that the first snow always arrives unexpectedly and does not always correspond to the calendar reference for winter. Therefore, it makes sense to have a snow clearing partner for your business or managed building in place and ready to respond quickly to avoid surprises. Anti-slip measures should not be forgotten either, because even with the first degrees of cold, slippery conditions are guaranteed in our climate due to humidity and wind.

Mechanized snow removal work:

✅Removal of snow from the territory (plowing)
✅Snowplowing and removal
✅Constant readiness

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