Attractive and cared-for grounds create a good feeling. We assist companies in maintaining the surroundings of their office or production buildings, and planting and caring for green areas. In private gardens, we assist with planting and with spring and autumn cleaning. From us, you can also order the clearing of roof gutters of any litter accumulated over the winter. Our specialists will assist you from the design through to final execution as you beautify the surroundings of your home or work place. We fertilise the lawn, clear areas overgrown with brush, clip hedges, clear away fallen leaves and cut back tree crowns.
Extended list of jobs below:

Landscaping and gardening include:

cutting of fruit-bearing trees and shrubs
maintenance cutting of trees and shrubs
large-scale cleaning of gardens: cutting of trees and shrubs and removal of rubbish
lawn-related work: planting, rolling, mowing and fertilising
soil planning
landscaping with a cage lift and cutting of branches
cleaning of sand patches and beaches
maintenance of playgrounds
rubbish removal

indoor landscaping:

re-planting and fertilising of plants
other work by agreement

For every client, we develop a solution suited specifically for them!