Special cleaning

Deep-washing and waxing of floors

 PVC and linoleum floors

PVC covers have strong and dense surfaces. Surfaces used intensively need to be waxed to prevent fast wear. It is worth doing this for the first time immediately after flooring has been laid. Depending on the intensity of pedestrian traffic, they should be waxed every 3 to 4 months. Covers in lighter colours needs more frequent maintenance than those in darker colours. Once a week, wax should be mixed in with the washing water, 1:100. Floors maintained like this wear less, look clean and are easier to remove stains from. Linoleum flooring is conveniently cleaned using maintenance/cleaning equipment. Linoleum is generally waxed in the event of highly intensive use.

Stone and concrete floors

We deep-wash ceramic tiles and protect them with wax or saturation agents. We clean heavily soiled areas. We wash concrete floors with deep-washing equipment and, if needed, coat them with protective agents depending on the nature and location of the cover. We use wax, a dust blocking agent or a stone protection agent. As a result, a water-repellent layer is created on the floor, that is, an invisible film that protects against water and dirt.

Mud rugs can help!

For the best possible protection of your floors, we place robust mud rugs on either side of your exit door. The less dirt introduced into the building by feet, the less need to clean it on a daily basis! We also provide the service of mud rugs.

Washing of escalators

We clean escalators at shopping centres and in office buildings.

Large-scale cleaning after construction

We do large-scale cleaning both during and after construction.

Washing of windows

Cleaning glass panes, frames, window sills and insides of windows.

It is advisable to wash windows at least twice a year, in spring and in autumn. These should always be washed after construction. After construction or repairs, windows are dusty and in places stained with paint. A safe way to clean your windows is to order their washing from specialists.

 Washing of façades

We clean façades of buildings fast and at a high level of quality! Work is performed by hand, power-washing or sand-blasting, as required:

cleaning of glass façades
washing of walls that have become soiled (covered in dust) over time
removal of various coating materials
cleaning of concrete or stone façades (graffiti or paint)
washing of façades of natural stone
clearing metal structures of rust or paint
cleaning of wooden façades

Graffiti removal