Outdoor cleaning

Green areas, footpaths, driveways, car parks and yards require maintenance year-round. Where possible, we do it by mechanised means, using various equipment. We have a good fleet of equipment; you can read more about it below. Where access by equipment is impossible or impracticable, cleaning is done by people.

Janitor service:
The janitor is an indispensable helper when it comes to maintaining footpaths and yards. The main jobs performed by the janitor include:

clearing away of leaves
removal from the property of dried plants and fallen branches
snow ploughing
cleaning-out of gutters
non-skid treatment
emptying of rubbish bins and waste handling
mowing and watering of lawns
hoisting of a flag

Mechanised cleaning
To clean car parks, including floors in parking towers, driveways and streets, we mainly use mechanised cleaning. We have street-cleaning equipment for brushing and watering. In winter, we use our tractors for ploughing and clearing away snow. We also provide non-skid treatment and snow removal. We perform mechanised cleaning under both one-off agreements and long-term maintenance contracts. Under a maintenance contract, cleaning is always a priority. On a one-off order, the response time is 5 to 8 hours depending on the area and the time of the placement of the order.

We clear away snow using ploughs mounted in the front of or trailing wheel tractors. Snow banks are removed by means of loader equipment or snow blowers. Frequency of performing the work depends on the quantity of precipitation; however, we are committed to providing contractual clients with drivable roads and streets within 3 hours from the end of precipitation.

Our snow removal service consists of organising the cleaning of the grounds, mechanised cleaning, work supervision by the outdoor site manager for the area, who has a full overview of the cleaning site round the clock, and constant readiness.

Our fleet of machinery includes the following equipment:

Case 695 shovel loader including a 3.3 m articulated plough
Komatsu bucket loaders WB93S or 97S including a 3.3 m articulated plough
Medium-size wheel loaders Komatsu WA65 including a 2.7 – 3.2 m plough
Larger wheel loaders (operating weight 8.5 – 16 t) with a 2.5 m3 – 3.5 m3 bucket
Small tractors ATV KVF650 and KVF750 including a 1.6 – 2.0 m pro series hydraulic plough body
Wheel tractor Case 5130A including a 3.2 m with a road plough and a trailing spreader
Wheel tractor MTZ952 with a turbo 3.3 m turnwrest plough + a 2.5 m snow rake
Wheel tractor MTZ820 including a 3.6 m articulated plough
Wheel tractor MTZ920.3 including a 2.8 m articulated or snow plough and ice pellet
John Deere 4520 including a 1.8 m articulated plough and snow spreader
John Deere 4520 including a 2.2 m articulated plough and snow spreader
Mini loaders Bob-Cat, CAT, Daewoo and Komatsu with a plough and shovel
Sports utility vehicle Mitsubishi Pajero including a 2.4 m plough
Non-skid treatment with a spreader, to which the cost of materials spread is added. In addition, there is added the price of bulk materials used based on actual consumption on the order of 250 – 500 g / m2 per instance of spreading, depending on the weather and the quantity of precipitation.
Loading, removal and storage of snow
Granite smalls including transport to the site and storage
Salt (NaCl) including transport to the site and storage

Removal of snow and leaves:

Removal of snow or leaves from the grounds maintained and their storage. The price includes loading the snow, transport to the storage site and storage charges. If travel to and from the site is required within Tallinn, one hour is added to the price of the services.

Clearing snow from roofs and removing icicles

We clear away snow from roofs and remove icicles. We have cleared away snow from roofs with highly varying surface coatings and are thoroughly experienced in this. All clients to date have been satisfied with our service and ordered it from us again.