Maintenance cleaning

Maintenance cleaning involves the regular cleaning of work premises, be they shop, office, warehouse or production premises. The service provides you with increased convenience and the option to focus more on your main line of business. We do the cleaning at the time, to the extent and using the procedure suitable for you.

Below we have provided a list of the descriptions of our main services, broken down by the purpose of the use of the premises:

Cleaning of shopping premises
machine-washing of floor surfaces
wet cleaning of floors with a mop
vacuuming of floors
emptying of rubbish bins and insertion of new rubbish bags
cleaning of toilet facilities
cleaning of till aisles and till floors
de-dusting exposed surfaces and security gates (up to a height of 1.8 m)
cleaning and disinfection of barbecues
cleaning of the fish counter (defrosting and cleaning of tubs and glass surfaces)
cleaning of glass case surfaces
cleaning of heavy soiling on walls, doors and posts (up to a height of 180 cm)
cleaning and disinfection of drain catchpits

Cleaning of office premises

de-dusting of desks and shelves
dust removal from the exposed surfaces of heating elements and window sills
cleaning and washing of exposed floor surfaces and skirting boards
vacuuming of carpeting and mud rugs
cleaning of switches, plugs and trunking covers
spot cleaning of soiled areas on walls and doors as well as glass surfaces indoors (except for windows)
cleaning of rubbish bins and replacement of rubbish bags
maintenance of mini kitchens (except for dish washing)
provision and replacement of hygiene accessories

Cleaning of warehouse surfaces

de-dusting of the surroundings of loading bays
cleaning shelves and de-dusting the edges and strips of shelves within reach
mechanised dry machine-cleaning of shelf aisles
machine-washing of exposed floor surfaces
treating floors with dust blocking and protective agents
cleaning of warehouse walls and doors within reach

Cleaning of toilet facilities and washrooms

washing and disinfection of plumbing and fittings
washing and disinfection of tiled walls and doors
provision and replacement of hygiene supplies
other work by agreement

The above list of services is illustrative and far from definitive. By agreement, the list of services provided may be considerably longer.

In a contract for maintenance cleaning, we usually also describe the procedure for performing the work. All that the client needs to do is provide access to the extent and at the times agreed, and ensure the availability of water and electricity.